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Web Conferencing: As Easy as Being There

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Web Conferencing
Democratized Video Conferencing

Web conferencing is not the video conferencing system your company may have bought a few years ago.  It’s a whole new experience that laps the benefits of earlier video conferencing systems.

No More Video Conferencing Specific Rooms

Remember when you had to book a specific conference room with a video conferencing system?  It was not always the most intuitive experience.  Unless you used it frequently, it could be a little intimidating.  Unless you were among the lucky ones to have a very sophisticated “immersive” system; the one that fit in your budget was relatively low resolution.  Many people would avoid the technology hassle altogether.  That has changed.  Web conferencing is now personal, integrated, and available on all our devices we already know how to use.

Think of Web Conferencing as the New Killer App

Web conferencing can be thought of like an app.  One that has additional add on features available that make it easier to use.  The perceived (and sometimes real) complexity barrier has been removed.  Most web conferencing is now delivered via the cloud – so online meetings can happen anywhere there is high speed internet.  Virtual meeting rooms and conference bridges make it as easy to hop on a web conference call as it is to make a phone call.  Except in a web conference you can see the person on the other end and share screens, as a common example.  By seeing each other on video, people engage with each other better.  By being able to see the same content on screen, collaboration is easy, real-time and so much faster than emailing document revisions.

Moving the Needle with Web Conferencing

Web conferencing’s evolution from earlier video conferencing has continued to drive benefit by reducing the time and cost for meetings.  By removing time, resource and expense barriers, it is now fast and easy to hold meetings.  Those meetings are easy to schedule, (or reschedule) and the velocity of engagement supports faster delivery on results.  If your sales team can hold a portion of their meetings faster without travel time or expense, they can accomplish more, in less time.

So What has Changed?

Video conferencing used to be expensive and intimidating to use. Web conferencing technology is commonly delivered as a cloud solution, making it more affordable.  No hardware investment required.  No additional support overhead.  The software is extremely user friendly.  You can launch an app – or even integrate web conferencing within your email system.  Now anyone can launch or join a meeting right from their notebook, tablet or smartphone.  Not only can you easily engage on video, but most web conferencing systems have options to add on virtual rooms for ongoing discussions, follow up and updates.  That secure virtual workspace can admit others who need to contribute, store multiple different types of ongoing chats, documents, even launch additional future calls right from that work area.

How You Can Quickly Benefit From Web Conferencing?
  • Meet with an “in person” experience at a moment’s notice
  • Streamline time to market and make decisions faster
  • Reduce travel costs and associated productivity loss
  • Pull in expertise easily, where and when needed
  • Better engagement between people drives success
  • Greater productivity
  • Supports “Green” initiatives

The biggest hurdle these days to embracing web conferencing is overcoming fear of complexity.  Once users see how easy the system is to use, they are willing to get started, even if it is just conference call bridges and virtual collaboration rooms.  As they gain comfort with high definition video, they see the benefit of seeing the person as part of their conversation.  Once they start experiencing that deeper engagement, the benefits accelerate further.

Our team can help you get web conferencing without the long lead times and complexity of video conferencing.  We’ll be happy to discuss your needs to help you find the right fit for your needs and budget.

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