FLxStore: Data Backup & Protection for Business Continuity

Relying on an outdated backup solution can be terminal to your organization. Especially in the face of today’s data threats from Ransomware. Data needs to be automatically replicated to secure cloud locations daily so when Ransomware locks down your systems and onsite backup, you are ready.

You need a solution that ensures high performance and fast recovery.

FLxStore offers cost effective data protection designed for security and peace of mind while integrating industry-leading Veeam technology.

It delivers secure, automated data protection and cost savings with maintenance free equipment included. The local appliance ensures high speed backups and local access when needed; with secure cloud replication offsite. All in one. One copy of your backup remains on site within an evergreen appliance: plus, another copy is retained in our geo-diverse Brush Mountain Data Centers.

More than Just Server Backup

FLxStore also integrates with existing enterprise data protection systems you already have to provide Veeam’s powerful features at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and managing your own Veeam subscription.

You can also incorporate backups of end user computers – perfect for insuring that key personnel’s systems can be quickly re-imaged and restored in the event of data loss or other problem.

No matter what configuration you choose, with FLxStore you get the fastest Return to Operations metrics in the industry, geo-diversity and complete control. Try our pricing configurator and see how affordable a move to FLxStore can be. If you have questions, pick a time to schedule a no-obligation conversation with a member of our staff.

With FLxStore, your get more than data backup, you get real business continuity.

More About FLxStore

Enjoy peace of mind with secure data back up with rapid recovery and local access.


  • Decrease Cost & Complexity

    Reduce cost and overhead with a predictable monthly expense. No need to manage cumbersome tape rotations. We maintain the onsite backup equipment all in one price.

  • Reduce Risk

    Your data is both protected and accessible. Our geo-diverse Brush Mountain Data Centers  gives you an extra layer of protection in the event your on-premises systems are compromised or suffer a failure.

  • Support & Maintenance Included

    FLxStore provides peace of mind.  Your monthly service includes an entire team of experts, an evergreen on-site storage appliance.  You get fast, flexible file restoration and control, without the hardware costs other services add on.


FLxStore insulated us in a recent Ransomware attack. We did not pay any ransom and operations were restored quickly. We met our daily production schedule without delay or additional expense..”






Regional Manufacturing Company

“It proved its value almost as soon as it was installed. When an important financial document was lost, we had its backup copy reloaded and back on-line in a matter of minutes. I like the peace of mind having successfully restored important files that our vital operational data is available where and when we need it.”

B. Britt

B. Britt


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