IT Security has Become a Strategic Priority for Everyone.

Cyber Security is an evolving challenge that if not addressed, could bring your organization to a standstill, forever. Threats come from all directions: viruses, ransomware, hackers and even well meaning employees who have not been recently trained.

Make your organization a much harder target for cyber criminals with FLxSecure.

It provides an entire cyber security team at a fraction of the cost to staff it yourself. They monitor and defend your network from threats and shut them down fast.

FLxSecure delivers the tools and expertise you need to protect your business. By proactively addressing your IT security, you also assure customers, partners and insurance carriers that you are taking a proactive stance on your business continuity.

Unfortunately we’ve seen too many organizations run into serious problems because they either tried to do it all on their own, or they assumed that what they had in place was good enough.

Pick a time and schedule a confidential no-obligation conversation with us to learn how we make cyber security proactive, affordable and manageable.

Your Round the Clock Security Team

e-Guide: How the FTC's New Data Security Rules Provide a Roadmap to Reducing Risk

FLxSecure: Peace of Mind & 24x7 Readiness

  • Rapidly identify and respond to evolving threats.

    Our staff has the expertise to assess your Information Security readiness and identify areas of vulnerability to help organizations prepare proactively against threats and document clear policies for training and compliance needs. We then recommend solutions to protect against threats, reduce risk and downtime.

  • Enforce business policies, comply with best practices.

    As your environment changes, our staff of specialists offer guidance and options to protect your critical assets, and support consistent, enforceable policies to any person, device, and location.

  • Protect critical business assets.

    We deploy security solutions that improve network resilience and prevent business disruption, by defending from threats and malware while easily integrating new employees, devices, applications, and services. Our team ensures that not only is your data secure inside your offices, but as it is increasingly accessed and portable with mobile devices.


“I wanted to thank Advanced Logic for stepping in to help us untangle a data breach that had a significant impact upon our operations. You responded with grace under pressure. We got a clear plan of action: short term, through remediation and then a strategy to ensure something like this never impacts us like this again.”



Regional Retail Organization

“Thanks to Advanced Logic’s help and responsiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had all the tools in place to effectively move our staff to Work From Home.

We deeply appreciate all the assistance the team has provided during this time.”




S. Roberts

S. Roberts

Western Virginia Water Authority

“I wanted to pass along a huge thank you. The Advanced Logic team has been such a help during this pandemic: everything from videoconferencing set up to assistance with our security.”



B. Cleveland

B. Cleveland

Nydree Flooring

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