Ensuring the security of your IT systems and data has become a top priority.


Threats come from all angles: viruses, ransomware, hackers and even just poor employee training.

With our Information Security expertise, you can:

  • Rapidly identify and respond to evolving threats.

    Our staff has the expertise to assess your Information Security readiness and identify areas of vulnerability to help organizations prepare proactively against threats and document clear policies for training and compliance needs. We then recommend solutions to protect against threats, reduce risk and downtime.

  • Enforce business policies, comply with best practices.

    As your environment changes, our staff of specialists offer guidance and options to protect your critical assets, and support consistent, enforceable policies to any person, device, and location.

  • Protect critical business assets.

    We deploy security solutions that improve network resilience and prevent business disruption, by defending from threats and malware while easily integrating new employees, devices, applications, and services. Our team ensures that not only is your data secure inside your offices, but as it is increasingly accessed and portable with mobile devices.


ALI Network Vulnerability Assessment Services brochure1

ALI Network Vulnerability Assessment Services

Want to get a clearer picture of your network’s vulnerabilities? Is required compliance reporting still a challenge? View Our Network Assessment Services
Stafford County Schools Success Story CaseStudy9-img1

Stafford County Schools Success Story

The Situation: Stafford County Public Schools migrated from NetWare® to Novell® Open Enterprise Server and consolidated servers using a virtualized environmen

Worried about new security threats from Ransomware, Spear-phishing and othe...

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Worried about new security threats from Ransomware, Spear-phishing and othe...

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“Our organization was looking for a way to streamline our IT infrastructure in a way that would allow us to be proactive and cost effective. We wanted to spend less time patching systems or fighting fires; and more time on enabling the growing IT needs of the students and teachers.”

Steve Kruskamp

Steve Kruskamp

Gonzaga College High School

“The VMWare Virtualization solution kept our servers safe with “smart” consolidation in the face of a very real environmental threat. Our systems never went down, and were ready for school the next morning.”

Quannah McDaniel

Quannah McDaniel

Carroll County Public Schools

“Just wanted to let you know how outstanding your engineers are. Despite power outages, logistica & technical challenges, they have been truly wonderful. It feels like everyone at ALI has our best interests at heart. I wanted you to know how much I value your company, and most especially, your people.”

 Liz Parthemore

Liz Parthemore

Virginia Episcopal School

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