Jeremy Rasor

A New Season for All of Us

School has started. I have three middle schoolers and I have become increasingly concerned about how they will fare this year in a new learning enviro...

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Course Corrections, Goal Setting & Planning for What’s Next with OKRs

Strategic planning is on my mind. Maybe because our leadership team just completed our quarterly plan updates, which led me to reflect on the powerful...

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Matt Price Promoted to Sr. Network Engineer

ALI is pleased  to announce that Matt Price has been promoted to the role of Senior Network Engineer. Matt has been with ALI for 4 years as a Network ...

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July Update: Cloud and Collaboration Accelerating for Business Continuity


If there’s a silver lining to the past 12 weeks, it’s that cloud and collaboration have been powerful tools for business continuity.

Now the landscape for work and school have significantly shifted. The benefits of cloud have been recognized, and adoption accelerated more than 7 years in just the last quarter.

As each of you are adapting to the changing guidelines for how you will operate, the agility and need for cloud solutions are likely going to be much more important than you may have planned coming into 2020.

Shifting  IT to adapt to this more agile and distributed reality has more than just business continuity benefits.  Our cloud-powered services save money, leverage existing investments whenever possible, and remove the burden of trying to do it all alone. When you engage our services, you gain: the benefit of our team’s expertise and availability, capital to reinvest and peace of mind.

We’re ready to help you adapt now. From data protection to cloud computing to cloud-powered Cisco communications, we have the services  help you accomodate changing needs.  Read on for this month’s featured resources – two of the three are free!

Parker Pearson,
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

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Adjusting to Remote Work: A College Graduate’s Perspective

In just a few shorts months, working remote has gone from a company perk to a seemingly new standard of operation. The traditional office environment ...

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Virtual CIO Action Plans for Business Continuity

Action Plans to Help You Adapt Now to Conserve Cash, Allocate Resource Efficiently & Reduce Risk Agility and careful cash management are the top p...

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Moving Forward Together: Update From CEO Mike Barry

  Mike Barry, Founder & CEO Advanced Logic Industries   As we move into May, we’re reminded that life (and business) will find new ways...

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Keeping Your Corporate Data Secure in the “Work From Home” Era

Chris White, Senior Data Center Engineer Advanced Logic Industries As governments around the world are struggling to get ahead of the COVID-19 pandemi...

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Ensure Your VPN Can Securely Handle and Support Work From Home Staff

With employees working from home amid today’s pandemic, virtual private network (VPN) servers have now become vital to a company’s backbon...

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Work From Home Readiness & Available Free Resources

My staff and I continue to monitor the business continuity challenges brought on by COVID-19. We deeply care about our clients and the people in our c...

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