Organizations face daily threats such as cyber attacks, power failure, network interruptions, or disruptive weather events that can bring operations to a halt. The difference between an efficient return to operation or a true disaster is a readiness strategy.

FLxDR supports organizations with a customized partial or full failover plan. FLxDR provides Veeam powered off-site replication of compute workloads for emergency failover to our Brush Mountain Data Centers.

  • FLxDR Supports Fast Return to Operations

    Restart operations after an event in as little as 15 minutes, rather than days or weeks.

  • FLxDR Significantly Reduce Resiliency Costs

    Eliminate the expense of building, managing & maintaining your own redundant server failover platform.

  • Get Proactive, Tested Readiness with FLxDR

    Enables partial or complete system failover support with the ability to test/simulate for audit or other oversight.

DRaaS-tically simpler IT recovery.

FLxDR powered by Veeam provides the security, replication, and failover capabilities you need to ensure your business is always online and available. It can integrate with your existing FLxStore hybrid-cloud data protection managed service, or we can integrate with your on-premises Veeam environment to deliver a comprehensive protection and recovery solution for all your virtualized applications.

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Information Sheet

DRaaS for Failover & Recovery Readiness.


  • Automate your failover & recovery process
  • Define your RPOs in advance
  • Perform partial failovers
  • Perform granulare restores
  • Test & document your readiness for stakeholders


The IT systems ALI put in place ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed like luxury at the time, but has become critical now for business continuity.”

J. Rancourt

J. Rancourt

Inorganic Ventures

“The ALI team has been so responsive and helpful. We appreciate the efforts to ensure our IT systems have remained a steady backbone to our core operations through this pandemic.”

A. Shotwell

A. Shotwell

Bank of Botetourt

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