The Future of IT is Here:
Digital Transformation Powered by Cloud

FLxCloud is a scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service that delivers both flexible multi-cloud computing resources and scalable IT support services where desired. FLxCloud gives you all the compute and storage flexibility of a cloud service, without the risk of doing it yourself.

Organizations that have owned, maintained and managed their own IT server infrastructure are now transforming to support  business operations with a more agile, secure, and scalable cloud computing model.

Moving to the cloud can bring incredible agility, but a successful cloud strategy requires planning and expertise to ensure expectations are met.

With the right strategy and the right computing resources, now you can shift from buying, managing and maintaining IT servers to instead just purchasing the processing power and storage you need.

Best of all, FLxCloud enables you to purchase what you need without having to buy excess capacity just because your server was a capital expenditure. Need more resources? No problem. More processors and more storage are just a click a way. Best of all, everything can be supported, even managed, by our staff who you know and trust.

With FLxCloud, computing that used to be housed and managed in-house are seamlessly migrated to our Brush Mountain Data Center. BMDC provides a cloud computing platform that is designed for performance, scalability, and security.

FlxCloud securely transitions your computing into the cloud so your organization can be more agile, secure and ready for the changing dynamics of today’s work environment.

To learn more, pick a time and schedule your no-obligation conversation about making a move to the cloud with us today!

FLxCloud Information Sheet

Private Cloud to Power Your Agility.


  • All the benefits of cloud, less of the risks


  • Agile computing resources: ready to go & with less overhead


  • Eliminates hardware refresh expense



  • Shifts computing to OPEX – freeing up working capital


Moving our IT infrastructure to Brush Mountain Data Center enabled me to provide more reliable service around the clock, and eliminated the business continuity issues we were having.

It’s much more cost effective, and I sleep better.

J. Southworth

J. Southworth

DePaul Family Services

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