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Office 365 Cloud-Based Agility for Business Continuity

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Office 365,

Curious about why some are making the switch to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365?  The short answer is efficiency and cost savings.  Moving clients to the cloud often starts with a migration of their Microsoft Office and Exchange email.  We’ve perfected a migration technique that makes the move painless for IT and Finance alike.

Office 365: A Logical Step to the Cloud

Based on our proven migration and management methods, many of our clients are choosing cloud-based options over on-premise.  Services like email, used to always require hardware, software, supported by your own IT staff.  If they were experts with that technology, that was good.  If they weren’t experts with that particular technology, either service delivery suffered, or we were called in.  Sometimes it was both.

Measurable Benefits From Day One

From both a technical and a business perspective, we are recommending more cloud services to our clients, particularly as hardware refresh cycles approach.  One of the easiest steps to the cloud is the migration to Microsoft Office 365.  Clients benefit immediately:

  • No more capital expense for IT hardware.
  • No more hardware refresh and support.
  • Software is continually updated to latest features.
  • Cloud software available even if local offices experience outages.
  • Services become a operational expense, frees up capital reserves.
  • Patching, security and updates are delivered as part of the service.
  • IT can now focus on priority projects.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business: Everything You Need to Know

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