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A New Season for All of Us

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Jeremy Rasor

School has started.

I have three middle schoolers and I have become increasingly concerned about how they will fare this year in a new learning environment.  I think about the resources available to the teachers.  I worry about the impact of a hybrid learning experience and the reduced face-to-face interaction. Are our kids going to be OK?

Being in technology I also think about questions like, how will the district handle the bandwidth for live streaming so many classes all day long?  What happens in years to come?  Will my middle schoolers have the foundation skills they’ll need next year and the year after?  Or do I write it off as the “lost year” and comfort myself by saying “everybody is in the same boat, they’ll catch up later”?

Many of you  are in the same spot – not only with your kids, but also with your business.  As we’ve all had to make a fast pivot in the way we conduct business during COVID, many of us have tried to keep as much of a sense of “normal” as we can.  But is that wise?  Are you supposed to prepare for a lost year?  Do you have to be in the same boat as everybody else?  I don’t think you do.

I wish I would’ve put myself in a position to help our school district plan for the coming school year.  Maybe I could’ve helped, maybe not.  But at the very least, I would have felt more reassured by having an understanding about the plans for reopening my kids’ schools. Instead, I, like the rest of the ALI team,  focus where we know we can have impact: helping organizations like yours (and even some schools) plan and adapt their IT for a new season.

I am encouraged at the impactful outcomes clients are seeing with new IT approaches that prioritize  business continuity, remote work and agile communication.  I am also incredibly encouraged to see how IT continues to be a strategic foundation for how we  all will be working and learning in new ways.

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