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Moving Forward Together: Update From CEO Mike Barry

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Moving Forward


Mike Barry, Founder & CEO
Advanced Logic Industries


As we move into May, we’re reminded that life (and business) will find new ways forward. As unsettling as these past weeks have been, it’s been encouraging to see so much collaboration. Many embraced remote work, remote teaching, even pivoted products and services. The pandemic forced culture changes and new technologies at the same time. Never easy!

Looking ahead, we, like you, are monitoring the directives on how we can and should conduct business. I expect this to be fluid, possibly with regional variations. Moving forward will be different. Lots of challenges and uncertainty? Undoubtedly. But also, opportunities to re-think what’s possible.

We are already working with some of you assessing the lessons of COVID:

  • What went well?
  • Where were the challenges?
  • What needs to change?

Now’s the time to continue the collaboration, innovation and creativity that blossomed. It’s also a time for strong leadership. I was particularly struck by an interview with retired General Stanley McChrystal on leadership during a crisis. The entire podcast is worth a listen.

“Crises are inevitable. The difference is responding effectively.”

The ALI team is moving ahead this month with exciting new initiatives:

  • We’re rolling out our FLxTalk+ cloud call and collaboration service,
  • We’re engaging on “Virtual CIO” conversations to pivot IT plans quickly,
  • And we’re expanding Brush Mountain Data Center again to meet growing demand.

It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear how IT business continuity strategies made a difference when you needed them. We’re honored to be a part of the fine work you are doing.

Thank you.

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