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Up, Up & Onward: Introducing the new look of Advanced Logic

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rebrand, Advanced Logic 2023 logo
We are thrilled to announce our refreshed brand identity; and share the reasoning behind this update.
We understand the importance of staying relevant and adaptable. The business landscape continues to evolve, and we with it. Over the past 3 years we have adapted a framework called Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to help us innovate and attain our vision. Now it was time to reimagine our brand to better align with these changes and our vision for the future.
So, what can you expect from our rebrand? Let us take you through the key elements of this exciting transformation:

A New Look and Feel

We have given our brand a fresh visual identity. It reflects our evolution, while preserving the essence our origins and core values. The new logo provides a visual link to our past; while pointing the way forward with our innovations. Our team chose the logo because it captures our ethos and energy.
We’ve come a long way from the company that started in Blacksburg back in 1991. We developed new IT services. Embraced the cloud. We continue to adapt to the changing data security landscape and prepare our clients to do the same. Now we have expanded our services with an entire range of data protection and business continuity services delivered via our sister divisions: Brush Mountain Data Center and Donoma Software.

Unwavering Mission and Values

While our logo has evolved, our values and team remain the same.  Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and customers remains unwavering. We recognize that our success connets directly to the success of our clients. We remain dedicated to providing exceptional service and proven expertise.

Expanded Solutions & Security

As part of our growth strategy, we have introduced many new solutions to meet changing needs. Our rebrand reflects our ability to adapt and innovate. This includes our recent choice to become SOC-2 certified. This certification via third party AICPA auditors ensures that we correctly manage data to ensure business continuity, privacy and data security. We don’t just advise on best practices, we hold ourselves to the same, if not higher, standards as we recommend for our clients.

Aiming Towards the Future

We are excited about this new chapter in our journey, and we hope that you share our enthusiasm. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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