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Hurricane Readiness & Business Continuity

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Hurricane Readiness & Business Continuity

It’s the time of year when hurricanes start to make landfall on the east coast.  As the forecasts become more serious, hurricane readiness and business continuity plans become top priorities.  If you haven’t fully implemented a strategy for your business during a significant weather event, we’ll cover the basics here to help you.

Hurricane readiness tips for IT systems:
  • Communicate emergency plans to employees, including what IT services may be temporarily suspended.
  • Share key employee contact information.
  • Keep ALI’s support line handy (800) 283-2648.  Those of you with ALI support agreements, you have access to request support around the clock. 
  • Shut down un-needed servers & services so your power backup will last longer.
  • Unplug unnecessary equipment to prevent damage from brown-out, power fluctuations, and surges.
  • Make sure all equipment (including UPS) are off the floor and away from areas where water may get in. This includes PCs, monitors, and powerstrips.
  • Have employees check VPN client logins and credentials to be ready to work remotely.
  • Update employees how to check web email access in the event that their local account is not accessible.
  • Remind employees of any available soft-phone clients.  Soft-phones enable employees to make & receive phone calls to their office line while working remotely.
  • Back up critical data on PCs and notebooks that may not normally be backed up. Store a copy in the cloud, if possible, or at a secure offsite location.

On a lighter note, you may want to go ahead and clean out the office fridge in case of extended power outage!

We hope you never see an outage with significant downtime, but know that they can happen.  The best plan is preparation and communication in advance.

Stay safe.  Then afterwards, our team is available to discuss any gaps you may uncover. Our Business Continuity services provide proactive preparation and system redundancy.

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