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Top 5 Reasons to Modernize Your Legacy Data Protection Strategy

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Legacy solutions in the market today cause IT teams to spend too much effort on backup and recovery.  Modernizing data protection frees up time and resources to proactively address high impact business challenges. These include cybersecurity, storage capacity, cloud mobility, capital expenditure management and Digital Transformation.

Between September and December 2020, an independent research company surveyed 3,000 IT pros from 28 countries about their backups. The shocking truth uncovered is that only 63% of backups completed on time without errors. 33% of all data restorations fail completely.

Organizations are more aware of the impact of data loss than ever before.  With the explosion of remote working, combined with the increasing sophistication of security attacks, data protection needs to become a strategic priority. Automation, ease of use and cross platform management, can deliver the efficiencies that reduce risk and support business continuity.

Download the full white paper that discusses the top 5 reasons many organizations are choosing to modernize their legacy data protection solutions.



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