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A decade's worth of feedback from clients who were initially hesitatant to make the move.

Clients Share Great Outcomes They Get From Managed Services

News & Blog

A decade's worth of feedback from clients who were initially hesitatant to make the move.

NetWatch Managed IT Services

As IT requirements constantly evolve, security threats are greater and IT complexity is increasing, many organizations reach a point of inflection: Should they continue to have an in-house IT department or should they outsource to a managed service provider?

This can be a difficult decision to grapple with. Organizations want to ensure a high level of personalized service, as well as technical innovation and efficiency, but without breaking the bank. The right answer is always tailored to the unique needs of each organization. Managed Services may completely replace an in-house function, but more commonly it is a partnership. Properly managed, it enables existing staff to be better utilized while we streamline and manage our areas of responsibility with transparency and efficiency.

We’ve been delivering NetWatch Managed IT Services for over 15 years. Over that time, we’ve tracked feedback on the benefits clients have realized by engaging Managed IT Services. Here’s their feedback on what they wish they had known before they made the decision to engage NetWatch Managed IT Services. In each case they said if they had known all these outcomes, it would have helped them overcome concerns faster. So we’ve compiled their top outcomes for those of you starting the decision process.

  1. More Time to Focus on Core Priorities

The knowledge, experience, and ideas of employees are some of the most valuable and the most expensive assets in an organization. Yet, when they are diverted with routine IT  tasks or troubleshooting issues they rarely encounter, costs accumulate fast. With Managed Services in place, expertise can be focused where they have more impact. The result is that job satisfaction goes up, not down.  No more getting entangled with IT support that is either not their best skill, or their best use of time.

  1. Reduced Costs & Predictable Operating Expenses

Managed IT services do a great deal to control and stabilize expenses and improve the return on investment. Using out of date software and devices will drain your bottom line. These situations are identified and mitigated by NetWatch Managed Services. Additionally, when an organization needs to grow (or scale back) Managed Services offer unparalleled flexibility. It enables scalability that is very challenging and expensive with in-house IT staff.

Managed IT services not only drive improvement through resource utilization, but we routinely uncover cost reduction opportunities. As these opportunities are identified, recommendations are given for better alternatives and projected transition strategies. Those savings have routinely reduced budget challenges, raised confidence in IT ROI, and produced more predictable IT performance.

  1. A Proactive Approach for Greater Uptime

No organization can afford unplanned downtime; and those costs escalate fast the longer that systems are down. Yet unplanned IT downtime is a mostly avoidable expense. It does require good preparation. NetWatch’s monitoring and support coverage ensures that potential  problems are quickly identified and corrected. This proactive approach makes sure that cloud services, mobile devices, and other systems are up-to-date on security patches and maintenance; with strategies for security, backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

  1. Access to a Team of Experts

IT systems have become complex. Technology changes rapidly and requires increasingly specialized expertise. A lack of up to date skills can be costly. The right skill set makes all the difference. NetWatch Managed Services provides clients access to more expertise at less cost. To comparably staff up in-house  would be cost prohibitive. Additionally, with NetWatch Managed Services, you reduce or eliminate costs associated with recruiting, staffing, training, and turnover for IT staff. Vacations, sick leave, and emergencies are seamlessly covered.

  1. Improved IT Security

Technology tools are pervasive throughout most organizations, and usually there is additional “shadow IT” where technology is deployed outside the awareness or control of IT. Yet, the security of sensitive data is critical matter where it is located. These days data is stored in the cloud and on premises with copies on a proliferation of  end user devices. The reality is that most your organization’s data is distributed, no longer secured in specific locations. All that data still needs to be protected.

Managed IT services can provide both security assessments and if desired, include a variety of security options. Our team can provide security assessments, remediation planning and ongoing incident monitoring. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and the expertise to staff even a minimal Security Operations team will run over $650K per year. NetWatch Managed Services provide better options at a fraction of the cost while ensuring you are updated on the latest security issues.

  1. Improved Data Protection & Business Continuity

Planning business continuity strategies is no longer reserved for the Fortune 50. Data breaches, ransomware and other malware are now a much greater threat than that of fire, natural disaster, or employee malfeasance. Executive leadership is responsible for ensuring the continuity and care of the organization they lead. That means that a recovery strategy is not just an IT responsibility, but an organization-wide strategy. Ensuring there is a plan for rapid operational recovery (also called RTO) is now as necessary as an operating budget.

Managed IT Services can include proactive RTO planning and testing, with failover options and resources ready. NetWatch Managed Services can also keep an organization’s entire network regularly backed up, online and offsite to ensure business continuity. This in turn minimizes downtime and preserve critical and sensitive data in the event of data breach or outage.

  1. Boosts Workplace Productivity

A commonly cited benefit of implementing NetWatch Managed Services is increased workplace productivity. With a secure, stable network and fewer help desk tickets, everyone is able to focus on the work they need to do. Isn’t that why you invested in technology in the first place?

  1. Gain Access to Newest Best Practices & Technologies

NetWatch not only provides round-the-clock monitoring and management, but is powered by our knowledgable team.  They share the latest technology and innovative business solutions. These technologies include access to cloud-based options such as our FLxStore hybrid-cloud data protection service, FLxDR Data Replication & Recovery Readiness, FLxTalk managed communication services, FLxSecuremanaged  SecOps, and our FLxCloud private cloud services.

  1. Virtual CIO Services

Wouldn’t it be great if your IT discussions focused on enabling new organizational goals rather than rehashing technical issues? NetWatch Managed IT Services streamline and stabilize each client’s infrastructure with best practices, and removes these conversations. Our senior staff can also provide Virtual CIO support, helping you plan for alignment towards your goals with clear actionable plans.

  1. Efficiency & Reliability of IT Systems

Gaining more efficient and reliable IT operations are one of the key reasons why Managed IT Services are attractive to organizations tired of trying to do it all themselves. It is typical for an organization to suffer from overworked IT team, or lack of current IT skills to handle pressing IT tasks and issues.

What drives organizations to opt for managed services is not necessarily to replace their internal IT team but to optimize their capabilities, benefit from economies of scale and better position themselves for the future. To engage NetWatch Managed Services is to not only to get a fresh perspective from highly experienced professionals, but to have access to the latest technologies and best practices. This drives uptime, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Next Steps

You likely already have reached the conclusion that it’s no longer practical to staff all your IT support in-house. The stakes are too high, and the skill set too diverse to go it alone. This is why partnering with ALI becomes a strategic decision. Our team can help you navigate from your current state to your desired goals with accountable professional support that ensures your IT systems are ready for what lies ahead.

Want to start exploring a Manage IT Services option for your organization? Schedule a no-obligation discussion with our team. We’d be happy to listen to your ideas, needs and questions and discuss some options that make sense.

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