Virtualized network servers streamline the amount of equipment, power and management required. Virtualized applications enable you to encapsulate legacy applications to run on newer platforms and significantly streamline rollout, testing and deployment.

ALI provides virtualization solutions based on technologies from industry leaders such as…

Virtualization Benefits

  • Reduce IT capital costs

    Consolidate servers — reduce hardware spending.
    Virtualized servers deliver improved utilization and require fewer resources to manage and lower power consumption.

  • Improve business continuity

    Virtualization helps you protect critical data and applications that keep your business running with the ability to perform zero-downtime hardware maintenance.

  • Faster application rollout

    Virtual infrastructures enable you to manage your resources with more flexibility and responsiveness, faster rollout of new applications (in minutes, not weeks) and accelerate change request response times from hours or days to minutes.


“Our organization was looking for a way to streamline our IT infrastructure in a way that would allow us to be proactive and cost effective. We wanted to spend less time patching systems or fighting fires; and more time on enabling the growing IT needs of the students and teachers.”

S. Kruskamp

S. Kruskamp

Gonzaga College High School

“Streamlining our server infrastructure saved us over $200K; and there was no disruption in service during the migration. Having a partner like ALI was invaluable.”



Q. McDaniel

Q. McDaniel

Stafford County Schools

“Thanks to ALI’s IT strategies, we not only streamlined our IT infrastructure but had all the tools in place to effectively move our staff to Work From Home when that need arose.”



S. Roberts

S. Roberts

Western Virginia Water Authority