FLxCloud is not a “one size fits all” cloud service. Instead, it encompasses
both the ability to both rent cloud-based IT resources on demand and
leverage ALI’s IT support services as needed. Even better, it gives you the ability to dynamically allocate and control your computing resources. These are benefits you aren’t going to find from big cloud providers.
  • Need to shift your IT resources around? No problem. FLxCloud gives you security, flexibility and responsiveness in one predictably priced service.


April 26: Lunch n’ Learn Webinar

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Protecting your data is critical. Having a working plan for coping with dat...

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VMWorld US

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At VMworld, you’ll join the industry’s top thought leaders, subject matter ...

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“Our cloud-based backup solution proved its value almost as soon as it was installed. When an important financial document was lost, we had its backup copy reloaded and back on-line in a matter of minutes. I like the peace of mind having successfully restored important files that our vital operational data is available where and when we need it.”

Brian Britt

Brian Britt


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