ALI’s Managed IT Services are based on a set of performance expectations (otherwise known as a Service Level Agreement) for a monthly fee. This option allows clients to allocate their team with greater flexibility onto tasks that are the best match for their skill set, knowing that other functions are being professionally managed at a predictable fee within a clearly prescribed set of performance criteria.

  • ALI’s Managed IT Services provide a range of network and desktop support service options to choose from. In each case, our objective is to deliver excellent service and minimize system failure with proactive monitoring and maintenance, identifying potential problems before they become critical issues.


Ransomware: Learn How to Not be a Victim FlxStore BaaS, Ransomware,

Ransomware: Learn How to Not be a Victim

Ransomware is now commonplace.  In organizations large and small.  Why?  Because it pays. Billions.   Read on to learn how you can avoid being a ransomware vi
Re-Imagining IT Infrastructure & Managed Support Effective Collaboration,

Re-Imagining IT Infrastructure & Managed Support

The Situation: A chemical manufacturer sought to refresh not only their IT infrastructure, but their approach to IT support. This client worked with ALI in a

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“We knew from the start the upgrade would be subject to problems. The ALI team was phenomenal…and made our problems, their problems. I wanted to let you know what an outstanding team you have at ALI. You are to be commended for providing such fantastic customer service.”

Cynthia Babb

Cynthia Babb

Wall Residences

“Customer service is critical to our business. We were glad to find a solution that will help us take care of clients even during weather emergencies or outages. Being able to save money while providing a higher level of service made this decision easy.”

Tracy F. Sales

Tracy F. Sales

Campbell Insurance

“I like working with the team at Advanced Logic because I know they’ll do the job right and make sure we understand in layman’s terms what needs to be done – and why”

Sandy Forrest

Sandy Forrest

Martinsville City Schools

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