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Green Computing: Managing IT Energy Consumption for Bottom Line Impact

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Parker Pearson - Advanced Logic Industries

With the cost of energy escalating, more is being heard about “Green Computing” initiatives. Organizations with large data centers have been at the forefront of this trend because of the very real costs associated with increasing energy use. However, this is no longer just an enterprise level concern. The rapidly rising expense of energy is forcing this resource management discussion towards the top of many organizations’ agendas this year.

Cost savings is the primary driver of implementing green IT strategies, followed somewhat distantly by shareholder or regulatory pressure. Green initiatives are closely tied to IT both because of IT’s high levels of energy use; and IT’s ability to deploy expense reduction solutions.

According to figures provided by David E. Rogers, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency at the U.S. Department of Energy, IT data centers use 1.5% of all the energy consumed in the United States, also almost twice the amount needed in 2000. “Going Green” is also a growing strategy for boosting corporate image and product marketing. Being environmentally conscious can be very good for business.

How can your organization start “going green”? Some high impact green computing strategies include:

  1. Reduce power consumption by IT. Consolidate servers and leverage virtualization technology.
  2. Reduce power consumption by users. Turn off resources when they are not in use, leverage energy conservation modes, and replace old CRT monitors with efficient LED displays.
  3. Right ‐ size end user PCs. Use virtualization and policies to leverage thin client devices that consume significantly less energy, and can lower support costs.
  4. Re‐think business travel. Video conferencing and full “tele ‐ presence” solutions enable productive meetings without the expense and lost productivity of travel.
  5. Telecommuting. With secure Virtual Private Networks, employees can work from home tied securely into the corporate infrastructure and resources as if they were in the office.
  6. Purchase multi ‐ function IT products. There are now solutions that combine multiple functions within a single device: such as printer, fax and copier. Because functions are consolidated, they are easier to manage, cost less, and use less power than multiple single ‐ purpose devices.
  7. Recycle wherever possible and leverage manufacturer trade ‐ in programs.

For more information on these and other technologies that can help streamline your operating expenses, the team at Advanced Logic Industries can provide insight and assistance from concept through deployment.

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