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Now Available: Ransomware Readiness Training

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Responding to the rampant problem of ransomware, we are now offering “Ransomware Readiness” training sessions for just $99. Each session can accommodate up to 30 people, enabling organizations to quickly train employees.  During this session we will teach your staff how ransomware works, some common approaches and traps, how to recognize likely ransomware content and what to do when these threats are encountered. The intent is to make training available without taking employees out of the office.

How Ransomware Training Helps Reduce Your Risk

Ransomware is a rapidly growing problem that cripples organizations of all sizes on a daily basis. The damage can shut an organization down. If operations can’t be restarted quick enough, they never recover.

With ransomware, very employee is a potential vector. The best IT security investments cannot stop the unwitting action of an uneducated employee.

“We’ve seen the impact of ransomware not only in high profile headlines, but right here in central and southwestern Virginia. Organizations have been partially or fully crippled for weeks, creating unbelievable damage and rapidly escalating insurance claims. Yet we’re not seeing training for employees. That is an easy first step to reduce risk.” says Eric Thompson, Director of the Brush Mountain Data Center.

Our  “Ransomware Readiness” training is an easy to understand one-hour session for up to 30 people. (The fee is per session, not per person.)  It teaches how malware works, shows examples of what to look for, and action steps for handling suspicious activity.

Additionally, for a limited time, schools, municipalities and non-profits within Virginia can receive this training for free.

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