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My staff and I continue to monitor the business continuity challenges brought on by COVID-19. We deeply care about our clients and the people in our community. We are extending all resources at our disposal to assist in the adjustment to these evolving workplace dynamics.

Because we at ALI live and breathe IT readiness, we understand the challenges of securely establishing business continuity through remote workers. ALI has run our business with a mobile workforce for over a decade.

Based on our experience, we recommend a priority focus on:

  • Reconfiguring voice and email systems (inbound and outbound) to ensure continuous communications
  • Provisioning adequate remote worker systems access with proper security
  • Adopting personal device usage (BYOD) in a secure manner, that protects IT systems including anti-virus, anti-malware and more

To make this transition happen fast, many of our partners are making the software you need free for at least 90 days. Our team has the experience and expertise to accelerate your readiness. Our goal is to ensure that your organization is prepared to navigate the times ahead.

To request assistance, please reach out to our Technical Assistance Coordinator at (800) 283-2648 ext. 4261. Please also feel free to reach out to any of our team.

Our years of experience can help you successfully handle this short-term challenge and help us all come through stronger.

Stay safe,

Mike Barry
Founder & CEO
Advanced Logic Industries

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