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Green Computing Yields More Green

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Green Computing
Going Green in IT

Green computing has gone mainstream. Green initiatives are closely tied to IT both because of technology’s high levels of energy use; and IT’s ability to deliver expense reduction options. Cost savings is the primary driver of implementing green IT strategies, followed somewhat distantly by shareholder or regulatory pressure.

Power Hungry IT

According to Forbes, US Data Centers use 90 Billion Kilowatt hours every year. That’s the output of 34 coal-powered plants.  That’s a lot of power.

Now there are multiple opportunities for green computing to yield more “green” to your bottom line.  Some near term strategies include:

  1. Reduce power consumption. Consolidate servers and leverage virtualization technology. Even better, leverage our Brush Mountain Data Center!
  2. Power down. Turn off resources when they are not in use, leverage energy conservation modes, and leverage LED and more natural lighting.
  3. Put user devices on a diet. These days most people have migrated to more efficient laptops and mobile devices.  In situations where that is not desirable, use virtualization and thin client devices.  They too, consume less energy, and lower support costs.
  4. Re‐think business travel. Video conferencing and full “telepresence” solutions enable productive meetings without the expense, carbon footprint and lost productivity of travel.
  5. Telecommuting. With Virtual Private Networks, Cloud Computing and other collaboration tools, employees can work securely from anywhere with the same experience as if they were inside the office.
  6. Multifunction devices. Multifunction printers also provide scanning, fax and copier functionality. They are easier to manage, cost less, and use less power than multiple single-purpose devices.
  7. Recycle wherever possible and leverage manufacturer trade-in programs.

For more information on these and other technologies that can help streamline your operating expenses, schedule your free discussion session.

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Want to dig in more in-depth?  Check out “Energy Hogs: Can World’s Huge Data Centers be Made More Efficient?” from Yale Environment360.


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