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Employee Spotlight: Trever Berry

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Trever Berry HeadshotOriginally from a small town right outside of Jacksonville, Florida, Trever’s experiences along the way have eventually led her to the team here at Advanced Logic Industries.

Trever currently resides in Roanoke with her beloved dog Louis Wellington, and happens to be one of the most fun, bubbly people you’ll ever meet. On top of her bubbly personality, she’s an incredibly hard-working individual who has a true passion for what she does, as well as the clients she works with. We’re proud to have her and hope you enjoy learning more about her below.

What drew you to Business Development, and the IT industry?

“As someone who did not originally set out to be a sales professional, my love for working with people, and natural gift of problem solving, eventually led me to the world of sales. I realized it was not only a profession I would really enjoy, but could thrive in.

I’ve been selling within the IT industry for about five years now. What drew me to IT was the fact it was such a fast-growing industry, with virtually no signs of slowing down any time soon. It was an industry with a shelf life, and being in such a forward-thinking, ever changing field of work, presented an exciting challenge.”

What drew you to ALI?

“I was drawn to Advanced Logic Industries for a few reasons. When I was interviewing for the position, I met with our Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, as well as our Vice President of Sales. After one meeting with these two, I immediately felt excited. They had such enthusiasm for their jobs and the company as a whole, it was contagious. I wanted to buy into whatever it was that was making them so excited about their work.

What made ALI stand out the most to me, was that it was unlike any other partner in the area. ALI was not your typical IT firm that just sold hardware. It was a forward-thinking company who managed their very own data center, included with personally engineered BaaS (FLxStore) & IaaS (FLxCloud). If I wasn’t sold by the people itself, the data center was icing on the cake.”

Most rewarding aspect of what you do here?

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is collaborating with customers to talk about upcoming initiatives and opportunities, as well as being able to help them through any challenges they’re having. I love working with a client who has a very challenging situation in front of them, and then be able to bring in the ALI engineering team to put a strategic plan in place to overcome that challenge. There’s no better feeling then seeing how happy the client is when that job is done well/issue is resolved.”

What’s the biggest challenge of your job?

“Definitely staying on top of everything that is offered. It’s very easy to become comfortable with certain products and solutions. In order to be a good steward to my clients, I believe in going outside my comfort level to dive into areas new and different to me. I then take the initiative to master those areas, so I can sit down with someone and really be able to tell them that this is everything that’s out there, and this is the best thing for you.” 

What breakfast would best represent you?

“I would be Kellogs Corn Pops because they are bright, cheerful, fun, and sweet. They were also my favorite cereal from when I was a child.”

What’s your favorite travel experience?

“Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy, no doubt about it. It’s a little town that sits on the west coast of Italy, and houses about 250 residents. I stayed there for some time and was able to meet the locals, and I’m telling you this place changed my life. This village made me look at the world in a way I never have before. There’s no Wi-Fi in the town, which forces you to just live in the now, and I love that. Overall, it’s a place that makes me so happy and I can’t wait to go back.”



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