Virtualization is about improving utilization of IT resources. Virtualized network servers streamline the amount of equipment, power and management required.  Applications can also be virtualized, making it possible to encapsulate legacy applications to run on newer platforms and significantly streamline application roll out testing & deployment.

ALI provides virtualization solutions based on technologies from industry leaders such as VMWare, Citrix, Veeam, Novell/NetIQ and Microsoft.

Slash IT capital costs
Consolidate servers and reduce hardware spending. Server virtualization delivers improved utilization, resulting in fewer resources to manage, less power consumed – enabling utilization rates for Wintel servers to increase from 15% up to 80%.
Improve business continuity
Virtualization helps organizations protect critical data and applications that keep the business running with zero-downtime hardware maintenance.
Faster rollout of applications
Managing a virtual infrastructure allows organizations to manage resources with a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness. Virtualization can result in faster rollout of new applications in minutes, not weeks, and can accelerate change request response times from hours or days to just minutes.


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