Phone systems are rapidly merging into the IP data network – opening up new opportunities for efficiency, cost reduction and more responsive customer service.

Deploying IP based phone solutions, along with specialized collaboration & communication applications collaboration is a particular area of expertise for the ALI team.  We have been deploying IP based phone systems and the applications that extend the reach of voice communications for over 10 years.

ALI is a Cisco Advanced Specialized Unified Communications partner and our staff is well known for our expertise designing and integrating phone systems, video conferencing solutions and applications that  improve communication flows, so that employees can access primary decision makers quickly, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity to positively affect their business.

Save money
Companies are realizing significant travel and long distance savings using IP telephony, integrated voice and Web conferencing and/or video conferencing solutions.
Faster decision making and customer service response
Secure unified communications help coworkers, partners, vendors, and customers stay in touch, and access the information and expertise they need in real time.  Single number reach, integrated voicemail and email, the ability to take a conference call into a web conference from even an iPhone – all contribute to getting the job done better and faster.
Innovate across the value chain
Unified Communications capabilities embedded into work flows and business applications can transform business processes and increase customer satisfaction.
Integrate applications
Unified Communications integrated with other applications allow workers to collaborate in real time using their favorite tools and software.  ALI’s staff of developers has particular expertise in application integration.


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