More and more organizations are looking at what “the cloud” can offer them to help reduce IT expense, improve uptime and business continuity.  Yet many are fearful of sending their IT servers and data off to remote areas of the country where they can’t get quick access in case they need to, they don’t have a trusted relationship with the provider, and the billing schedules can be confusing and quickly turn from “wow!” to “whoa!”

To that end, Advanced Logic acquired Brush Mountain Data Center; an established regional data center in Blacksburg Virginia.  Now with the redundant infrastructure of Brush Mountain backed by the ALI engineering team, our clients have a better option that gives them the best of both worlds: business continuity and services from a local, trusted partner.

Hosted Data Backup
Data is valuable & often irreplaceable.  We provide a secure facility for data replication and backup support services.
Business Continuity
Being prepared is the best strategy for accommodating the unexpected.  We can help you build a sustainable disaster recovery plan or a business continuity plan and support that initiative with our fully redundant facility.
Private Cloud Services
Brush Mountain can serve as the core storage center for all your IT related services.
Managed IT Services
Our team keeps an eye on your systems 24x7, identifying potential problems before they become critical issues and minimzing the duration of system downtime.  Leverage the power of all our people, for a fraction of the price – and focus on your business, not your IT systems.
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