Today’s professionals need tools that make it easier to work together, connect to people and information, improve operational visibility, and stay on the front line of decision making.

ALI offers business productivity solutions built on best in class applications from Microsoft, Cisco, Webex and Novell that can empower your users, increase productivity and decrease costs – all while improving organizational agility.

Improve Productivity
Users will be able to create real synergy. Connect work teams with the people and information they need, with technology tools they already understand such as PC, phone, web conference, text message or even high definition video conferencing.  Knowledge is shared, stored, and secured with optional workflows to provide quality control, real time status updates, as well as dynamically managing team review, feedback and revisions.
Retain Knowledge
Don't lose intellectual property when an employee leaves, and ramp up new team members with ease. The knowledge capture and sharing capability inherent in a collaboration solution ensures that knowledge and data can be seamlessly retained in spite of turnover or downsizing. The work done as part of a larger group or team effort is retained in the workspace and can be accessed by existing and new team members at any time.
Lower Business Costs
Reduce travel without sacrificing teamwork. The real-time collaboration significantly reduces the need for travel. Travel-related costs also decline as meetings are held via Video and Web conferences.


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