Sometimes an application needs data reorganized or combined with newer systems. Perhaps the user interface needs updating, or the entire application needs to transition to a less expensive platform.  We can weave together your valuable data from multiple systems and make it more user-friendly, meaningful and easy to use. We also create customized applications to address unique business needs.

Improve Business Intelligence
Make better decisions – faster. Business intelligence (BI) means making the right information available to the right people at the right time so they can make more informed decisions.  ALI offers BI solutions that are designed to improve business operations—often integrating legacy data/applications into newer interfaces familiar to most users.
Leverage previous investments
Recycle, reduce, re-use: your application investments. Not all organizations can run using only standard applications.  Your organization may have a previous investment in custom applications.  Yet often these "legacy" applications have become isolated, harder to support and difficult to integrate into newer systems where they could be of most use.  We specialize in integrating legacy database applications into newer tools and platforms.  In many cases we can create more user friendly web based interfaces, rewriting functionality or porting applications onto less expensive platforms.
Customized applications in less time
Dedicated resources get your project finished & deployed – not on hold. We know you are busy.  You have a clear idea of what you want, but you either don't have the time, or the exact skills and experience to write an application. Our team is able to deliver applications without other distractions or priorities.


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