Brice R. Stevens, ALI Help Desk Support

Have you encountered a problem with your Outlook Web Access not working after a recent update to Microsoft Exchange? Our Help Desk has a tech tip on how to solve this common issue.


Following updates to the Small Business Server Exchange 2010 remote users will report that they get a "Blank Screen" when trying to access the remote OWA page. The actual error when looking at the URL is

1 Remotely Logon to Server using administrative privileges.

2 Ensure the "MSExchangeFBA" service is running

If this service is not running, and you perform the below steps, you will not affect anything.

3 Run Exchange Management Shell (as Administrator)
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Find Exchange Management Shell program, then right click on it and Run As Administrator - This is IMPORTANT. Click Yes to agree running as administrator when pop-up appears. The console will perform its own initialisation, a Welcome Screen will appear and then you will be dropped to a DOS Prompt (c:\Windows\system32)

4 Run Script Fix

At flashing cursor, type the following commands

If you are using Exchange 2010

If you are using Exchange 2007

If you are using Exchange 2013

The script will perform a number of different commands, and then simply complete by dropping you back to the DOS prompt Type EXIT to close the Shell window

5 Test

You now now retry the Outlook Web App (/OWA) for the relevant customer again, and you should now receive the correct Login Page

If you are still having trouble, give us a call at (800) 283-2648 and we can help you resolve this and many other issues.