Just a quick update on the Novell Open Workgroup Suite.  It is not often that I can give you product features and enhancements without cost. . . so I am pleased to pass this information on to you

Novell is consolidating all versions of NOWS into one single, enhanced version. Moving forward, NOWS customers will also be entitled to Novell Vibe OnPrem and ZENworks Endpoint Security Management in addition to their existing entitlements.

Novell Open Workgroup Suite customers will now be entitled to all the following products:

Product Information

Novell Open Workgroup Suite is a buying program that delivers high value to customers who use two-or-more of Novell's core products. By purchasing these popular products through NOWS, customers pay less for licenses and maintenance than if they purchased the products separately.

What do you need to do as a current customer?

If you are a current customer of NOWS or NOWS with Vibe OnPrem then your new entitlements will show up automatically in Novell Customer Care Center.

If you are not familiar with Vibe OnPrem or ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, then read about their powerful capabilities and benefits at www.novell.com or take an OnDemand training class at your convenience.




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