If you have noticed an increase in spam recently, there is a good reason - the amount of spam in the Internet has more than doubled in volume since January.
In fact, Cisco reports on recent spam volumes shows:
We are now also seeing two new types of spam.

Yahoo spam is not really new since Yahoo has been the major source of "freemail" spam for quite a while now. But now it looks like spammers are really starting to take advantage of Yahoo's failure to crack down on account hacking and spammer owned accounts.
Spammers seem to be having a lot more success hacking Yahoo accounts and spamming their address books. These spam messages seem to come from an email address that you are familiar with (but not necessarily from Yahoo) and contain little or no text and a URL. Although the address may not be from Yahoo, the sending server is a Yahoo server,
The second type of Yahoo spam comes from a valid account at Yahoo that's owned by a spammer. They also typically contain little or no text and a URL. These spams are often Loan, Green Coffee or "buy something" types of scams.
These spams are more difficult to properly identify since:
In addition to the increased Yahoo spam, the spammers are using a new technique. They register a large number of new domains and immediately start using them to spam. Typically they time the spam run to start just after the RBL's that list new domains have just finished their daily download of new domains. This gives the spammer 24 hours before the rules that limit spam from newly registered domains know that they exist.
So what can you do to help combat this challenge?
First, recognize that this is an ongoing challenge that seems to only increase in complexity.  You may not be eliminate it but there are still some proven best practices such as:


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