We’ve been advocating Filr as a great solution for organizations who need the file sharing capabilities of a cloud service like Dropbox, but want all the security features of your network file system.  Now Filr has introduced even more features!



 If you haven’t heard us sing its praises, because you have thought it was for “NetWare” legacy users – rest assured, Filr is built for today’s Active
Directory  platform. 
Filr's latest release makes it even more compelling as the solution for your secure mobile corporate file sharing. 

The top benefits we see? 

You Get to Take Back Control: Take control over your company files and decide: which users are allowed access, which files they can share, and whom they can share with.  Filr provides ease of access for sharing both internally and externally.  You control how loose or tight controls will be! You have complete visibility into what’s happening in your organization’s files.

Leverage the Security Work You’ve Already Done: You’ve already set up access rights, quotas, firewalls, backup and discovery systems, and Filr can leverage that effort.  It works with your file servers and Active Directory or eDirectory. This makes Filr more secure and saves you time by not having to reinvent user access and file system rights.

Employees Can Bring the Office Everywhere: Think, access to all files and shared network folders from any device or location.  You could bring the office to the beach! There are disadvantages to cloud file synching and sharing services when mobile.  Filr gives users access to the same files and folders, no matter what device they use. No need to move files between systems; which also helps to avoid duplicate files.

Filr Works “Above” the Clouds: Filr acts like a cloud service, while retaining the security and access control of your network.  It also offers other great features like the ability to wipe data from devices lost or stolen, provides strict control over sharing, integrates with users’ existing folders, and integrates native file systems plus supports many identity stores.

If you are looking for a shared file option for your organization, take advantage of year-end savings by contacting your ALI sales team today for a price quote.  You can provide secure and productive file sharing and save money.  Contact us!