A quick note to advise that due to some port changes at Comcast, some clients may experience some issues with outbound email.


The latest one now says they failed the delivery due to an erroneous address, and gives you a link to print a shipping label which you can use to collect the package at their office.  This link offers a zipped file to download, which if saved, unzipped, and opened, loads a fake antivirus program: Live Security Platinum.  Due to how disposable and spoofable domain names are, these links can change format virtually infinitely.

We suggest blocking the address this email came from--in the latest case we saw it was customer.services @ u-ups .com--but wanted to send out an advisory as well.  If you need additional assistance with this issue or would like to discuss your needs further, please don't hesitate to contact me in on the TAC line.

Advanced Logic Industries
Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
(540) 443-3398