Have you ever heard that old saying… something about the universe will whisper to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, it will escalate to some special hell that will bring you to your knees? I’m having an odd case of that lately when it comes to the subject of secure file sharing. I think we all are, and I’m wondering why aren’t we collectively taking this issue a lot more seriously?



 We all like to think data leaks will never happen to us: “we’re too secure”, or “we’re too small” or whatever your mantra is when faced with this tar-baby of a topic.

First a whisper: Who doesn’t know of a colleague sharing critical data via a cloud-based file sharing app. I’m not going to name any names, but I’m willing to bet at least 3 of them just ran through your head. We know data is more fluid in our organizations than ever, yet we all continue to play spin the bottle.

A little bit louder now: As I sat waiting in an airport last weekend, I read an article called the “Top 10 Blacklisted iOS Apps”. Imagine my surprise that 6 of the 10 most banned iOS apps worldwide were file sharing apps. Let me repeat that – 6 out of 10! We’re moving fast into…..

Iceberg, dead ahead! This isn’t funny. The problem is EVERYWHERE, and while the fine folks in our Federal Agencies continue to have kittens as data leaks out of new rat holes – none of us can point fingers. I admit it’s hard to break up with that free little account where you can just throw files, but you need to.


The good news? There are several solutions out in the market. They are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of data loss that is very likely to happen sooner or later.

At ALI, we think the best is a quiet little product called FILR, from a not so little company called Novell. Remember them? They’ve been in the business of securing file systems for more years than you may have been out of short pants.

Novell has taken all the expertise they’ve refined around secure file structures and more recently, mobility management; and put it in a proverbial phone booth. What comes out doesn’t wear a cape, but it comes darn close. It’s a solution that elegantly secures data so it can be shared on a continuum from “Your Eyes Only” to content viral enough to make a Kardashian blush. And here’s the kicker: the files never actually leave your network. It just looks like those files are mobile as they are accessed by a user on their tablet, smartphone or notebook. It’s elegant, effective and most of all – secure.

So why aren’t we taking the wakeup call? I dare to say that some may not yet know about FILR (Novell is known for their rock solid products, but admittedly they don’t have a penchant for marketing saturation). OK… fair enough, some of you may not have heard about FILR before now. The rest I believe are victims of an outdated brand bias. It’s time to stop nursing disdain for the Big Red N. Get the memo: it doesn’t stand for NetWare anymore – and hasn’t for over a decade. The solution is directory agnostic, so there’s no reason all you Active Directory fans can’t get in on this.

Seriously, this is a problem that's only going to get larger as BYOD becomes entrenched.  If you aren't already looking into this, I encourage you to make time for a few minutes to talk with us. We’ll be happy to show you FILR in action and demonstrate why we think it is the best solution to solve this ticking bomb that sits in almost every office.

We’d rather keep you off the front pages and securely supporting your mobile employees. They probably won’t even realize it’s not cloud based - but together we will both know there is a world of difference when your critical data is secure.

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