BrainShare Day 3
Cindy DeHart, Novell & Virtualization Practice Manager

Oftentimes these conferences can feel like a 3-ring circus with so many sessions of interest, demonstrations and interesting conversations everywhere and certain information overload. Novell took it one step further this year with what many of us feel was the funniest commercial snippet featuring a creepy clown and using that to define the chaos around BYOD and how it is impacting your IT environment.


Users are certainly defining what they want and need to be effective in the workplace. They will continue to find ways and methods that IT will be tasked to control and report on. The Mobile Management features which have been showcased during this conference are all designed around providing users what they need, want and oftentimes require. In addition to giving IT the resources to secure data, report on data, find devices and many more necessary capabilities that the new mobile work force is creating the need for.

The best part of the Mobile Management solutions available is that it allows you to roll out what you need now and then add components and features when deemed necessary.  It thrives in a heterogeneous environment and can be controlled through a web interface if need be. I look forward to sharing and demonstrating the best of the features for BYOD later this month.

Novell iPrint

I will give you another sneak peek into a mobility solution coming soon. Mobile printing will soon allow your users to print from any location on any enabled printer.  Consider the possibilities . . .


The entire team is looking forward to presenting the highlights and demos at our webinar later this month.
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