BrainShare 2013: Day 1 Kick off
Cindy DeHart - Novell & Virtualization Practice Manager

Brainshare 2013 kicked off with a Super Bowl party and this morning the opening keynote did not disappoint. The ALI team is looking forward to hearing further details from the Attachmate team with the focus this morning on Novell technologies.


They started off reviewing where they/we have been as a vendor and what they have focused on since the merger. I believe the re:focus campaign on the customers has been successful. As an ALI team we had GM Bob Flynn meet with a few customers and reassure them on the commitment to customers over the last year so we have seen these efforts firsthand.   I believe the strongest component of this campaign was the core product enhancements that were beneficial and free to customers current on maintenance.
Then with great music and a fun and informative demonstration of a fictional company they moved through what we can see in the upcoming 2013 year and beyond. Among the statements to note was the fact that they had 86 product release in the past 20 months since the merger and that a full 30% of the workforce is focused on innovation moving forward.
We will see new features and function in the core OES, Groupwise and ZEN product lines and that customers will be rewarded for their long-standing commitment with exciting features and interoperable collaborative commitment.
The growth focus is on MOBILITY and the slogan, "We know what your world looks like" is set to demonstrate that they understand what is needed for you to provide, secure and thrive in the ever changing mobile environment we are currently facing.
The demonstration gave us intriguing glimpses into, Service Desk, Storage Manager, ZENConfiguration Management and new products ZEN Mobile Management, FILR, Mobility printing as well as updated features in Groupwise designed to improve mobility and functionality for users.
We left the keynote enthused to attend the breakout sessions and hear more details.  We will be spending our time over the next few days finding out more of the details you may want around both the core products and the exciting feature rich NEW products. Stay tuned and look to your Advanced Logic Industries team for more information and details.