Blackberry/RIM are experiencing serious systems/infrastructure issues that have become more widespread in the last couple of days.  North America is now affected.  These problems affect all Blackberry users, even those running an in-house Blackberry Exchange Server (BES). 
Issues include slow or nonexistent email to devices, failed enterprise activations, and in general any operation that requires interacting with Blackberry's own systems, which would be most business-oriented operations.
http://www.rim.com/newsroom/service-update.shtml is the site their techs are giving out for updates to the problem.  There is no ETA at present but we will post updates as we get them. 
If you believe you are experiencing an issue and would like assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Assistance Desk.
Brice Stevens
Advanced Logic Industries
Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
(540) 443-3398