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Cindy DeHart

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After 24 years, change is inevitable.

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BrainShare Wrap up
Cindy DeHart, Novell & Virtualization Practice ManagerIT Central at BrainShare

IT Central was the hub of BrainShare activity as it showcased technologies from Novell, NETIQ & SUSE.   It's where BrainShare attendees can view the latest products, see the  end-user interface, or walk through the administration features.  

We have heard from and worked with many of our customers over the past few years about their interest in virtualization and how it can help them with many of the issues facing IT.

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Generally what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but not during the VMware partner conference.


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BrainShare Day 3
Cindy DeHart, Novell & Virtualization Practice Manager

Oftentimes these conferences can feel like a 3-ring circus with so many sessions of interest, demonstrations and interesting conversations everywhere and certain information overload. Novell took it one step further this year with what many of us feel was the funniest commercial snippet featuring a creepy clown and using that to define the chaos around BYOD and how it is impacting your IT environment.

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BrainShare 2013: Day 1 Kick off
Cindy DeHart - Novell & Virtualization Practice Manager

Brainshare 2013 kicked off with a Super Bowl party and this morning the opening keynote did not disappoint. The ALI team is looking forward to hearing further details from the Attachmate team with the focus this morning on Novell technologies.

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One of the best things about Brainshare is how much there is to do, see and experience.  Day 2 of 2013 was more of the same and a complete whirlwind.   The morning began with the Novell Business Unit Partner Breakfast.   One if the key focuses going forward is that upcoming solutions and products releases will fill the need of key market trends.

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GroupWise® has always delivered significant advantages: industry-leading uptime, rock-solid reliability, and the ability to administer the system without breaking the bank-or the backs of your IT staff. And now, with renewed support and focus, GroupWise is positioned for even greater things.

Just a quick update on the Novell Open Workgroup Suite.  It is not often that I can give you product features and enhancements without cost. . . so I am pleased to pass this information on to you

Novell is consolidating all versions of NOWS into one single, enhanced version. Moving forward, NOWS customers will also be entitled to Novell Vibe OnPrem and ZENworks Endpoint Security Management in addition to their existing entitlements.

Novell Open Workgroup Suite customers will now be entitled to all the following products:

  • Novell Open Enterprise Server
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Novell Vibe OnPrem **NEW ADDITION!
  • ZENworks Configuration Management
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management **NEW ADDITION!
  • ZENworks Linux Management
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
  • LibreOffice

Product Information

Novell Open Workgroup Suite is a buying program that delivers high value to customers who use two-or-more of Novell's core products. By purchasing these popular products through NOWS, customers pay less for licenses and maintenance than if they purchased the products separately.

  • Benefits include:
  • Simplified purchasing of multiple products into one part number
  • Simplified software asset management
  • Lower license and maintenance cost to customers than buying the products independently

What do you need to do as a current customer?

If you are a current customer of NOWS or NOWS with Vibe OnPrem then your new entitlements will show up automatically in Novell Customer Care Center.

If you are not familiar with Vibe OnPrem or ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, then read about their powerful capabilities and benefits at or take an OnDemand training class at your convenience.


For further information

Please feel free to call me with any questions that you may have.

Cindy DeHart
Advanced Logic Industries
Office: 540-443-3392


Yesterday, November 22, Novell announced that it had agreed to be acquired by Attachmate Corporation. There has been quite a bit of speculation about what this means and how it will impact those of you running Novell products.

I am not sure that any of us know exactly what this merger will mean to us collectively or individually however I have been asked to share my thoughts below:

  • As a publicly traded company Novell was often in the position to make business decisions to appease the market. I do not feel that this was always in the best interest of the product line. I believe that this announcement will be a great benefit in the aspect that Novell will now be privately held and can therefore make the best business decisions for the product line and you the customer.


  • The purchase price was above value – some have it too low, others do creative math and lower the cost – there are a lot of factors involved. Nevertheless, they paid a price for a group of products that they felt had value. I do agree – as do you as a customer, that there is value. I feel strongly that the full intention is to build on that value to increase revenue and provide a stronger and better product than what they purchased. I think this is exciting news that lends itself to looking forward optimistically to see what the future holds for this product line.


  • Finally, it happens . . . . The rumors have circulated for many years . . . it is about time something happened. There were many options; this is the one they took. I for one am glad that they have made a decision and will be moving forward. I think it is exciting – infuses new ideas, energy and synergy around the product line. I am looking forward to what comes next.

I have included below a few links, which of the many I reviewed today had some of the best re-cap of the events both good and bad. I encourage you to review them as well. There was also a letter to all Novell customers – if you do not have this information please let me know and I will be happy to send it as an attachment.

And finally, at ALI we see products bought and sold on a fairly regular basis. We can provide reliable guidance and advice as you navigate the many options available. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I always look forward to hearing from you,


Cindy DeHart

Advanced Logic industries
Novell & Virtualization Practice Manager